We Wear Chesley Mae

Chesley Mae


When you find something you like… You can’t let it go! And when it comes to Chesley Mae, I can’t stop collecting it either. This jewelry line is perfect for everyday wear and looks fabulous when you dress it up too!

Based on a South Texas ranching past and love for natural beauty, designer Chesley Clark launched her line of gems in 2014. Each piece is made of hand selected stones and is uniquely crafted for fun and practical wear. Chesley incorporates stones, mixed metals, bead-work, and vintage chains to create her one-of-a-kind looks.

Paired with a plain and simple top and loose legged pants or an army green vest over a tie-dye tee, Chesley Mae pieces are great for wearing as a weekend wear accessory. For a girl who feels that even dressed down should be a little dressed up, necklaces like these are the perfect choice!




Chesley Mae doesn’t just go with your relaxed look. Wear them with your casual Friday work outfits, like the one below. This gingham off the shoulder and dark denim allows the purple necklace to pop. And who can get over the details of this stone necklace??




And last but NEVER least, is wearing Chesley into the night. Every girl needs an LBD (little black dress) and every girl should add a pretty Chesley Mae as well. The layered look is easily accomplished with these beaded strands that stand out in a crowd. I added a simple Chanel given to me by my grandmother, and headed out for a night on the town!


From day to night, Chesley Mae is a lovely addition to your “stylish-yet less is more” wardrobe!

To shop these pieces and more, visit: Join Chesley’s Insider’s Group on Facebook as well.

Stylishly Yours,

Jen Young

Strategic Packing for International Travel

Strategic Packing Made Perfect


Happy Monday!

Let’s address something we all likely struggle with… Strategic packing for International Travel! How many of you have loaded down four bags for a week-long trip only to arrive with nothing to wear? Even worse is when you pack just a carry on and then freeze/burn your booty off your entire trip because you were ill-prepared.

Packing can be TOUGH, this is no secret. But packing with purpose can give you peace of mind and zero stress when you are on your trip, but you must make a plan! For a few logistical packing strategies, here is a link to a blog I did several months ago.

Here are also some visual aids to make the physical aspect of packing easier: VIDEO ONE   |   VIDEO TWO

My goal for today’s post is to give you specific tips on actually WHAT TO PACK for a 7 day trip even up to a month’s worth of outfits {if you have access to a washing machine} with a few simple essentials from your wardrobe!

The inspiration for this post came from a recent client session who is taking a seven-day trip to Israel in October. My advice to her was simple, pack with sense and with items that make you already feel confident. Let me expand….

Pack with sense: I cannot stress enough how important paying attention to the weather and the culture is. Knowing the background on the places you plan to go is one of the most helpful things for not only packing right, but also feeling right in your temporary environment. Is it going to be cold? Pack a coat. Does it seem like the weather is warm or seasonably unpredictable? Still bring a light jacket or a simple sweater for layering.

Don’t overdo the shoes {even if you are a collector/addict like me} since they are your heaviest items; also avoid acting like it’s your time to wear everything in your closet. There is no shame in re-wearing outfits in a fresh way every day. This is  not only smart, but no one is going to be judging you in photos if they see a “repeater.” They will be too busy thinking how you were awesome enough to get everything in one bag without paying those overage fees. Keep in mind that there is a 50 pound weight limit even for international travel.

And when it comes to packing what makes you feel confident, do just that: Don’t leave home without your favorite jeans. On the flip side, don’t make your trip the time to “try out” that funky outfit you’ve been looking at for weeks and never actually pulled out of your closet. Packing for a trip is a time to play it safe, because that is what will help you play it smart!

Let’s talk specifics on accessories: think minimalistic. You don’t need to pack every scarf and necklace you own, but you do need to pack your accessories with intention. Wear heavier items on the plane including jackets and shoes, and if you plan to pack a hat, wear it on the plane or pack upside down in the center of your bag. Stuff with knits. Bring a pashmina wrap which can also serve as a scarf later.

With re-used basics, and pops of jewelry we were able to make this trip one of stand-out outfits and save her major room for SHOPPING while in Israel.

Feel free to print out this list of essentials we came up with and share with friends.


Here is the gallery of examples of how we mixed and matched for the perfect outcome:


In case you need some items off our Packing List to complete your look:

So as you start to get ready for your next trip, take time to make a plan, and then enjoy your time away as a result!

But if you start to fret, Contact me and we can tackle this packing thing together!


Bon Voyage,


Jen Young


Be The First To See Springs Latest Trends

Spring Trends 2017


Hello flowers and light colors! Hello white jeans! Spring is officially here, at least according to my closet, and I can’t wait to celebrate. It’s time to let you in on the latest in fashion, so you can start getting ready for the months to come. Here are my favorite Spring Trends of 2017:


Sprint Trend Tops

From pretty with puffs to cute with cutouts {also know as the cold-shoulder as shown}, detailed tops are all I can think about these days. They are the perfect way to transition from “cold” weather to warm, since most are quarter sleeve. And adding to the trend, denim is more than hot this spring. This play on the fabric is a more classic way to wear blue jean on your top half.

Spring Trend Jewelry

Are you someone who is often times conflicted between gold and sliver? Which is more timeless? Which looks better on my arm and skin tone? Good news for you… this year is all about the mixing of metals. Wear a chunky gold bangle with a simple silver link style. Or better yet, mix your metals together with the watch shown above. Paint your nails with a dark but fun color and you are trend approved!



Spring Trend Pants


Just when I thought jeans couldn’t go anywhere else. The uneven hem trend is perfect for spring, and might be the best thing that might have ever happened to up- cycling. All your old jeans are about to get a face lift. Since a frayed cut is in, you can get crafty and make a pair of the “high-low” variety all on your own. I took my kitchen scissors to this pair and salvaged an item of clothing I usually shove in the back of my closet. They are now one of my favorites!



Spring Trend Shoes


Are you still on the bootie kick like me? Good thing this spring is all about peep toe booties. This camel color makes for a pretty transition, and the chunky heel is a MUST HAVE to be on point with this years Spring Trends. Did I mention this is going to be great for our feet? The chunkier the heel the less pain in the game. That’s what I call comfortable-effortless style!




Stylishly yours,


Jen Young

A Touch Of Leopard


From shoes to shirts, and all that is in between… When it comes to leopard, I simply can’t get enough! As a stylist we all tend to lean towards a signature trend, mine just happens to be the newest form of neutral. Leopard is the perfect addition to a simple outfit, and a great way to add a little something extra to your wardrobe.


Leopard Shoes


Let’s kick off our animal print look from the bottom up. Heels are the perfect touch of tan and black spots. Kitten heels are great when paired with distressed jeans and a tee. You can also switch it up with a great leopard wedge. I love Toms tie up option, and they are comfortable for days full of walking or shopping!


Leopard Purse


Are you a little nervous to jump right in to a bold print? Starting with an accessory is the perfect way to dip your toe in the fashion pool! A smaller clutch looks amazing paired with a black color scheme, and keeps your outfit on point transitioning from season to season. You can also replicate this look in a bracelet or small scarf. Tie it tight around your neck and you’ve got this Springs latest accessory trend taken care of.


Leopard Dress


And for those of you looking to take my favorite color (dare I say it is a color) to the next level, dress it up! A literal dress, or top, is a fabulous way to add leopard into your wardrobe. This off-colored dress is a great way to neutralize a bold print, but keep the effect of its fun feeling. Paired with a leather jacket or cardigan during the spring months, also helps lower the impact. Then, for the moments when you feel like being bold, pull off your outer layer and let your leopard shine!!



Fashionably Yours,


Jen Young

Nude Heel How To

Nude Heel


Hello ladies…and Hello it’s almost Spring.


Let me make your mid-week blues a little more nude… From date night to wedding date, nude heels are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. But finding a pair that isn’t sky high or too intense to stand on is always tricky.


Here are my tips on how to do it right, for day or for night.


Nude Pump

A casual heel is a first thought when it comes to this season’s bell bottom trend but I always seem to come up short when looking for one that is a good height and not killer on my toes. For this I always suggest looking for a great platform. The thicker the base the easier a shoe is for support. For us shorter girls, having those extra inches only means our bell bottoms can be bigger, making our legs look long like the models!


Nude Classic

What better way to do a professional nude heel than to look at JCrew? This entire outfit is made up of their classic, and statement pieces, and if you ask me it’s perfection! Pair a colorful pencil skirt with a rolled-sleeve shirt, add a statement necklace, and the perfect suede heel for a polished look. This shoe is a great heel height, and though simple, makes an impact when you walk in the room.


Nude Evening

And when it comes to stepping your style up a notch, I like to think of adding a little something to your simple heel. Try a shine finish or a buckle detail! Do something out of the ordinary with your nude heel. It makes a little black dress look as if it came right off the runway, and brings your outfit to a whole new level of chic.

Stylishly yours,

Jen Young

Style Tip Of The Month: Athleisure Wear

Athleisure Wear Flat


Hey again, it’s your friend Jen here!! This week I feel the need to discuss a little something I like to call Athleisure Wear… and dig a little deeper into how it can go so right, and oh so wrong.

We all have those days where putting on a dressy dress and your highest heels just isn’t an option. Your feet are going to ache and your slip might ride, and it is the last thing you can handle. So what do we do? Grab those yoga pants and a ratty old tee. WRONG! I want to challenge you to NOT make your first thought be the easiest thought.

The new phrase “Athleisure Wear” isn’t hard to pull off, and thankfully it doesn’t have to be unfashionable for it to qualify as comfort wear!

Bomber Jacket

Feel the need to cover up in a comfy sweater {dare I say from college?} What about a bomber jacket instead? They are perfect for everyday wear and look fabulous when paired with a simple tank or tee. A rose pink or cream color keeps the look feminine, and dressing it up with an embroidered design is right on point with this spring’s trend report.


Here is the way I styled my fun animal print outfit bomber I got from Marshall’s recently. I added strappy heels and a layered necklace and clutch to take my look for a night on the town, but you could easily switch it out with funky tennis shoes to dress the look down.


Athleisure Wear Bomber Up Close

Athleisure Wear Bomber Full



Track Pants


When it comes to work out wear, bottoms might be the trickiest part of all. You have all heard it before, leggings are not pants! Let me repeat myself in a different way, “tights are also not pants.” That statement just couldn’t be more true especially when I see exposed hail damage peeking through on the backside or a few whale tails in sight. Cover it up people!

As nice as it is to slip on those Lulu’s, we all know there are more flattering things. Try a pair of track pants. You can go the traditional route, or even a sweat pant material. Having an elastic ankle allows for a structured look with a relaxed feel. Pair with a kitten heel as I mentioned above and you are all set.


From top to bottom, we can’t forget about the shoes. I have been on a sneakers kick lately, and my feet have never been so happy! We all remember going shopping for shoes before the first day of school. Having a new pair of pearly white sneakers was a great way to start the new year. With the latest in old school Adidas and New Balance you can feel the nostalgia all over again, only this time with a little more style!

Hope these quick tips will help you feel fabulous even when you head to the store or relax after a hard day’s work.

Styled and Smiling,

Jen Young

Late But Lovely To The Valentine’s Game

Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW but I’ve decided this entire month should be dedicated to pampering myself a little bit at a time. Sound like something you might be interested in doing, too? Here are a few of my favorite things, picked to make you look and feel fabulous all day long:


1. STYLE MONEY: What better way to say I love you than with a little help from your friend? Nothing makes my heart happier than getting to help style clients and help improve their daily lives through their wardrobe. Gifting yourself some time with me, or even passing this gift idea along to your honey, is a sure fire way to feel great not just this month, but for the rest of your life!


2. METALLIC CLUTCH: No matter your age, a little bit of shine goes along way. Treat your fun and flirty side with a pop that doesn’t seem too over the top. Grabbing your little shiny hand bag on the way out makes for a fun night no matter what your plans are.


3. A PRETTY LITTLE BANGLE: My goal in life is to have a wardrobe that is versatile yet classic.This bracelet might just be the solution. Its adorable little details make for a look of the ages, and the statement it brings on your wrist will have all your girlfriends begging for the fashion deets.


4. PINK LIPS: It is the month of love after all… I only see that fit for a pouty pink lip. My collection of lip sticks go from drug store to designer, and they each represent a different mood. This February I encourage you all to try out a new brand or a new shade to see what it can do for you.


5. A SWEET SCARF: I don’t know about y’all, but the scarf scene as of late is making my heart pitter patter! I love to drape them over my tees, wrap them up with a leather jacket, or even tie a small handkerchief around my neck with a cute dress. Scarfs are in and I am crossing my fingers they stick around!


6. SOY DELICIOUS: Recently I found myself in contact with the owner of Soy Delicious’ sister, and boy did it change my life! These candles not only smell AMAZING, but once the wax melts it turns into lotion. Call it a two-for-one gift! How long have I been throwing away half burned candles with a ring of unmelted wax around the rim?? Well, never again now that I’ve found these amazing gems! If you purchase nothing else this month, I suggest you do yourself this one little favor!

So take on February 14th, and all the days that follow, with some great new additions to your wardrobe and beauty regime.


May your Valentine’s be full of chocolate and love,

Jen Young


Fabulous Family Heirlooms

Maybe it’s an embellished brooch, or a knitted shawl? We all have family heirlooms we just aren’t sure what to do with. I feel so honored to have piece of my families past, but that doesn’t mean it is a no brainer on where and when to wear them.

Upon her death, my grandmother gifted me her rare Chanel cross body bag which has become a weekly staple for my wardrobe. Fine accessories like this need no introduction; they speak in their timeless appeal. Estate sales are a great place to shop for these types of stately treasures as well if you don’t have a relative to bless you with this kind of thing.

Gram also gave me a stunning, lace scarf that is too dainty to be tied around my neck. I have opted to tie it to my handbag on occasion or style it wrapped around a stack of antique books in my bathroom.

So here are a few other tips to keep the tradition going.

Is it a ornamental pin you are struggling with? Yes, they are so beautiful, with rhinestones and pearls… sitting on your bathroom counter. You do not need to feel intimidated by the idea of a brooch. They don’t have to be pinned to a 1950’s wrap or a mink stole. Instead pin it to a link chain or a swede strap to turn it into a necklace.

Or have you been lucky enough to get your moms wedding dress? Just aren’t sure what to do with those big ol’ sleeves? A really great way to share that moment with your mom, but keep your day modern and on point with your own personal style, is to add the lace of her dress into the design of your own. Upcycling {or creative reuse} for this special garment is like having a part of your mom with you while being true to yourself in your own style. You can also accent a hair pin with portions of the lace as well. It makes for a lovely hair accessory when you are having a bad hair day.

No matter the item always remember, you don’t have to be weary to pair the old with the new. Vintage is making a comeback after all!


Stylishly Yours,

Jen Young

10 Closet Organization Strategies



Hello lovelies!

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday and are ready for an amazing week.

I always start my day with a few positive daily affirmations. Today I am focusing on the theme of organization as I ready my home to sell. While this is a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be a stressor. It can actually be a liberating process to cull through stuff you have held onto for years and then organize your treasures in a manner that simplifies your life and mind.

If you haven’t read my 7 Simple Questions to Declutter Your Wardrobe, start with that blog first before you tackle the re-org process. Let’s begin.

Breath in organization, exhale stress.

Here are a few simple steps to consider, specifically for your wardrobe, that will ease your daily dressing efforts and ultimately bring peace to your life:

1.} Shirts: Tops should always be stored on the top wrung of your closet–since tops are worn on the “top” of your body! If you only have a single bar to store all of your t-shirts and blouses, place them to the far left side of the closet sloping up from shortest to longest.

2.}Bottoms: Pants, skirts and shorts should live on the bottom tier of your closet, half folded on a felt or wooden hanger. If you have the space, feel free to hang your athletic pants…but remember TANP {TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!} and should be reserved for yoga only. Bottoms can be stored to the right side of the closet if you have a single bar. If you have a tight space, consider the tri-fold for pants by Marie Kondo and place in a drawer accordion style. Use clips for the felt hangers to secure shorts and skirts.

3.} Sweaters/Cardigans and Scarves: Sweaters and scarves should remain neatly folded in color groupings and stored on shelves or in drawers. Cardigans may be hung since they are considered outerwear unless they are too bulky or weighty for the hanger.

4.} Outerwear, Blazers, Jackets, and Athletic Wear:  Outerwear, Jackets and Blazers should be hung together. Make sure your athletic wear is separate as those items aren’t considered a topper for daily wear.

5.} Long Garments: Dresses, tunics, and longer vests should be placed on a top wrung where they can hang at their fullest length without dragging the ground.

6.}Hangers: Wire hangers can damage your clothes, reduce their life cycle and are from the devil. Please stop the madness and get rid of those immediately from your life. Invest in a proper hanger NOW! To keep things tidy, leave the hanger exposed once you remove a shirt for wear. You can also coach you housekeeper to put them back in the right place for you.

Encourage your dry cleaners to place your garments back on the felt hangers you bring them to prevent the wire options form coming back into your life. Take in your own garment bags instead of using the traditional plastic. This is a more sustainable practice for the environment.




7.} Color Groupings and Sleeve Length: Clothing should be lined up from left to right beginning with the shortest sleeved top at the beginning of the line-up {i.e. camisoles and sleeveless shirts} to the longest sleeved. I make sure collard shirt styles are together in their own section as well. Next, prioritize each by sleeve length grouping by color using ROY G BIV as a reminder {Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet} Bookend the color grouping with whites and blacks ranging from lightest to darkest in shade.

8.} Garments face what side? Make sure the fronts of your shirts face left on the hanger if you are right handed and facing right if you are left handed. This allows you to easily see the details on the front of the shirt when you pull it out for consideration. Don’t put anything back on a hanger that is soiled or hung on the inside out. That practice makes my skin crawl.

9.} Shoes: Remove all shoes from their original boxes so they are easily visible AND accessible to complete your daily look. A shoe can make or break a good outfit. Invest in boot trees for tall boots to keep their integrity and shape.  Or you can store in appropriate clear boxes until it is time to wear them to avoid dust bunnies. Generally speaking–avoid clear containers if you can leave your shoes exposed on shoe shelving units.

10.} Accessories: Make sure your jewelry is within your reach AND organized so these become a vital part of styling your complete outfit ideas. Invest in jewelry storage trays or other creative, mirrored storage solutions like I have.  Hats and handbags should also be easy to access. I fill my purses with tissue or the bag they came in and place them on a shelf so they are like works of art in my closet. Hats are stored in adorable boxes as part of my closet decor.

Now you are well on your way to give every item in your closet a place to properly rest. Namaste.

Fashionably Yours,

Jen Young