Fabulous Family Heirlooms

Maybe it’s an embellished brooch, or a knitted shawl? We all have family heirlooms we just aren’t sure what to do with. I feel so honored to have piece of my families past, but that doesn’t mean it is a no brainer on where and when to wear them.

Upon her death, my grandmother gifted me her rare Chanel cross body bag which has become a weekly staple for my wardrobe. Fine accessories like this need no introduction; they speak in their timeless appeal. Estate sales are a great place to shop for these types of stately treasures as well if you don’t have a relative to bless you with this kind of thing.

Gram also gave me a stunning, lace scarf that is too dainty to be tied around my neck. I have opted to tie it to my handbag on occasion or style it wrapped around a stack of antique books in my bathroom.

So here are a few other tips to keep the tradition going.

Is it a ornamental pin you are struggling with? Yes, they are so beautiful, with rhinestones and pearls… sitting on your bathroom counter. You do not need to feel intimidated by the idea of a brooch. They don’t have to be pinned to a 1950’s wrap or a mink stole. Instead pin it to a link chain or a swede strap to turn it into a necklace.

Or have you been lucky enough to get your moms wedding dress? Just aren’t sure what to do with those big ol’ sleeves? A really great way to share that moment with your mom, but keep your day modern and on point with your own personal style, is to add the lace of her dress into the design of your own. Upcycling {or creative reuse} for this special garment is like having a part of your mom with you while being true to yourself in your own style. You can also accent a hair pin with portions of the lace as well. It makes for a lovely hair accessory when you are having a bad hair day.

No matter the item always remember, you don’t have to be weary to pair the old with the new. Vintage is making a comeback after all!


Stylishly Yours,

Jen Young