Wardrobe Consulting

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Imagine being able to walk into your closet with confidence and peace of mind as you get dressed every day. Equipped with a “stylish yet less-is more” philosophy, I can tailor your wardrobe to authentically reflect how you feel about yourself no matter the audience you encounter. I have worked with individuals across the United States from models, and executives to community influencers including philanthropists, public speakers and retirees.

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how we work

the process is simple

Working with a wardrobe consultant is the ultimate investment you can make in yourself. Choosing to prioritize your visual voice is the first step you can take in building a wardrobe and personal style that is a true refection of you. We would be honored to help in this simple process.

initial conversation

Your style adventure begins with a quick In-take Form and follow-up phone conversation to see if and how we can serve you.

getting to know you

Next, you fill out our New Client Questionaire so we can determine what specific plan of action to take.

we customize a plan

With all the right information, we create a written plan together, giving us confidence to take the next step.

your style journey begins

Upon signing a mutually beneficial proposal, we will put on our happy pants and schedule your first appointment.

Ready to make a change?

we can help

Let us help you adopt effective wardrobe habits, reduce your stress, and even reduce your costs.

“Jen is the epitome of style and makes it easy for a busy professional to put together outfits in a snap! I always get compliments when I’m wearing an outfit that Jen has styled! The service is amazing from the moment you hire her, very quick and honest responses to questions – she truly cares about teaching you to bring your ‘inner style diva’ out. Let’s face it, when you look good on the outside, the inside feels good. I recommend her in the highest to anyone wanting to update their look.”

–Wendy Elder {Real Estate Agent}

Wendy Elder