7 Simple Questions to Help You Declutter Your Wardrobe

7 Simple Questionsto Help You DeclutterYour Wardrobe

Hi Friends!

Do the contents of your bedroom closet resemble the life of a borderline-hoarder warranting the need to call 911 ForeverStyled? Or maybe you have held onto things for years and need therapy to finally dump all the junk? Well, this post is for you.

I am going to help you take baby steps to assist you in the purging process which I believe begins by asking yourself 7 simple questions to help you declutter your wardrobe.

Our goals for today include focusing on what’s really important to you in your life, haulting your indecision, and making sure that all the remaining items in your closet make you feel confident from the inside out.

Here goes…

1.} Is this item in wearable, first class condition? I encourage individuals to regularly cull through their wardrobe each season to make sure every garment on rotation is clean, pressed and in excellent shape. If an item looks worn, faded, stained, torn, pilled {i.e. fur-bally} or damaged/unrepairable to the eye, get rid of it immediately. I repeat, don’t over think it and get rid of it.

Now what about that oversized sweatshirt from college with the twenty holes that also has sentimental value?

Let me ask you this question, instead? Would you want to sleep with someone who looks like they have been mingling with moths?  Be mindful that your spouse/significant other deserves to see only your best as well. On the other hand, if the item is sentimental, fold it and put it in a keepsakes box so it doesn’t take up valuable space in your daily inventory.

2.} Have I worn this item in the last two years?  If you haven’t worn an item in the last two years, there is a reason. Most people wear only 20% of 80% of their clothes anyway. Be true to yourself and keep only the things you absolutely adore and make you feel amazing.

Perhaps your son said your butt looked big in it….so now you have a negative memory associated with the item? Purge it.

If there is 2 inches of dust on the hanger– that is another indication you need to Disney-fy it and LET IT GO.

Give yourself about 5 seconds to touch, assess and then toss it if it doesn’t “inspire joy” as Marie Kondo believes. Your heart already knows it is a goner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.43.04 AM

3.} Does this work for my Body Type {proper fit}? I begin every new client session with a body types assessment that includes taking three measurements of the bust/chest, waist and hips. You can measure your own shape by using the apps: Dress My Body or My Shape Stylist.

Once you identify your body type it makes the purging process much easier. You can focus on keeping items that work for your shape. Either donate or consign those that do not.

Try on all your bottoms {pants, shorts and skirts} as they are the foundation of every good outfit. Then move to tops, dresses, outerwear, shoes and finish with accessories. Check out each of these recent blog post for dressing a Pear, Apple, Stringbean, Peanut, or Carrot to help you weed out the unlovelies.

4.} Would I buy this item again if I saw it in the store today? The minute you touch your garment ask yourself, “Would I purchase this item at full price and would I still buy it again today?” When you think on these questions, you immediately determine how much value the item has to you. This is true specially for those impulse buys you got at Target or Marshall’s {I used to be so guilty of this..ugh!} that might even still have tags on them.

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5.} Would this item be better suited or repurposed for someone else? Speaking of tags… do you have garments with tags still on them hanging in your closet or items that are better suited for someone else that are in good condition? These are perfect contenders for consignment stores or your gifting to your best friend.

Or, if  you love the item enough to keep it, remove that tag and welcome it permanently into your closet. Tags make your clothes feel like you aren’t really committed to keeping them. HA!

You say, “What?” Clothes have feelings too, people.

Designer brands typically consign well especially jeans, stand alone tops, jackets and dresses. Keep in mind that most consignment stores will only take clothes for the season at hand.

6.} Is this item an accurate reflection of my personal brand {your style/visual voice}? There is usually a thread of  consistency in the types of clothing we select for ourselves that qualify our style. These are the things that ultimately make us feel amazing about ourselves and should be the only keepers.

Style themes that describe one’s personal brand can rage from Bohemian, Romantic, Edgy, Classic or sometimes a hybrid of a few listed. I personally invest in a classic base accentuated with an edge evidenced in my accessories and the details {rock studs and fringe are my friends}.

It is also important to consider the environments and people you are influencing {like your job, social life and your hobbies} and how you want to be perceived. Taking time to consider the impact of your visual voice is key to feeling authentic and at peace in your daily dressing routine.

Remember that stellar first impressions can open doors of opportunity when you are thoughtful in the way you present yourself. That doesn’t mean you should constantly obsess about what others think of you but rather work on refining the rough edges so individuals can see the diamond in the rough sparkle.

7.} Do I have multiples {in color, pattern or shape} of this item and thus a need to diversify? Let’s face it…we are all creatures of habit and often buy multiples of the same garment in different colors or even gravitate to one color palette alone. I actually used to collect black shirts and hated the thought of color. It wasn’t that I was going for the goth look, I just couldn’t resist another perfect slimming black shirt.

My humor writer, blogger friend, Wendi Aarons, even confessed her addiction to khaki pants in this hilarious post. Glad she is feeling redeemed from her addiction and enlightened to the world of designer denim. Be mindful to diversify your closet. Adding color and pattern actually gives you more multiplying efforts in your wardrobe.


Hope these tips and trick inspire you to live a leaner, more intentional approach in your daily dressing routine. I find that closets really are like microcosms of our lives. They story tell about our truth, what we hold dear, and how we see ourselves. Cheers to a great week!

Fashionably Yours,

Jen Young