We are always looking for outfit and make up tips for taking things from day to night… But what about the key accessory—the perfect handbag? I often times see stunning ensembles and on point hair but am thrown off by the bag.

Let’s face it, there are times in life we need to stuff our mom purses full of junk for the day’s activities, and times when we should leave it to a lip stick and credit card.

Here are some tips and tricks for selecting the right bag for every occasion:

Bags Tote


When it comes down to it, bags can be broken up into two groups: work and play. My number one tip is to have your play bag fit into your work bag for easy access. A fabulous shoulder tote with a cute little clutch tucked inside is the way to go. Or just bring your clutch and throw it in the car to have it on hand!

There is also nothing more annoying than a bag that is too big for its own good. You know the kind. Your shoulder gets rubbed raw by the straps and you can’t find anything in it even if you dump it all out. Find a bag that can fit your planner, a small cosmetic pouch with touch-up make up, and your essentials like credit cards and keys. When you have excess things to bring with you to work, like lunch or important documents, put it in a separate shopping bag. I love saving my Nordstrom’s and Neiman’s bags for this. Or add a small protective insert that you can easily throw in to protect them from harm.

Bags Clutch


And when it comes to play, I use this as an opportunity to have FUN! Clutches are the perfect excuse to mix patterns or add a new metal accent to your outfit to make a statement. Both the snake skin and leopard clutches shown are perfect options for throwing into your work bag and switching up your look for the night.

We’ve all been in a place where we tried to bring a larger bag to the party or dinner and had nowhere to put it. By going with a clutch or wristlet, you are assuring enough space to have more than enough room for your nightly essentials.


Stylishly yours,

Jen Young


Memorial Day Outfit

DRESS // EARRINGS (Similar HERE) // PURSE // SHOES (similar HERE)

Many of you asked about the dress I wore to the Lake Travis Education Foundation’s Butterfly Brunch so I am here to give you a little insiders look – just in time to be inspired by red, white and blue for Memorial Day.


This Derek Lam off-the-shoulder dress is perhaps my FAVORITE I have purchased in a long time. Its light weight fabric is breezy for the already hot summer days, and it works great for day to night wear. In the images above, I paired it with a pair of thick heeled sandals (similar HERE) and a fabulous cork Elaine Turner bag. Add a pop of red color in the earrings and your all set for Memorial Day on the boat or out in the town!


Memorial Day is one of honor, and though it might sound silly to some, I feel appriciation can be shown in the things you wear. I know I’ll be dawning my red, white and blue loud and proud, will you??


Shop this look and similar ones throughout the post! And for those of you wanting a little gift, use discount code JYOUNG for 20% VIP access on all things Elaine Turner.



Stylishly yours,


Jen Young

Beauty Trends: Contouring

We have one final look for our Beauty Trend series by Shirley from Adore Boutique, and it’s all about the contouring. If you are anything like me this is one your struggle with. Where do you put it? How do I move the brush? Why do I turn out looking like a bronzed clown 9 times out of 10??

Fear no more my lovely ladies, our make up guru Shirley is here to help you feel better about the whole thing!

Contouring Make Up


First things first, where does contouring go? Shirley so kindly explains in the video above the markers. Look at your head where your ear meets your head and your lip is. Grab a piece of paper or use your brush to show yourself the line from point A to B. It is good to note that this isn’t meant to be a full line you mark in with contouring powder, but instead your guideline for the contouring!

Take powder on just half of your contouring brush. From where the eye ends swoop up into the hairline and blend near your cheek to reduce harsh lines.

Finish the look with a sweep over your temples and a pass under your neck.


Contouring Tip


And that my friends is the way to contour without driving yourself crazy! This is the easiest application I personally have ever seen, and as we all know contouring really does finish a look. This is one of those things you can do when rushing out the door to make yourself feel put together. It is perfect for the busy mom, working lady, and every fashionista I know!

To have your makeup done by Shirley, or to set up a makeup class, visit her at Adore Boutique in Austin. Call Shirley to book your appointment: 512-524-0208


Stylishly yours,

Jen Young

Beauty Trend: Bold Lip


We are back at it with the next summer beauty trend and it is all about lips. This season it’s about being bold, but knowing the right way to do so. Today Shirley will show us how to do a bright lip with a classic twist:


Beauty Trend Lips


Start your bold summer lip by applying a lip gloss all over the upper and lower lip. This helps soften the color before it is even applied. The gloss should be close to the color you are using as your pop, Shirley is using the Jentry Kelley line for all of th3e products in this tutorial!


The next step is to add your bright color over the gloss. I suggest a pretty pink during the day and a rosy red at night. You can’t go wrong adding a blast of color to a little black dress after all!


An important tip to remember is to ALWAYS line the lips once you have added your bright color. Lining them after helps lock in the lipstick, and makes sure the bold color is contained to your lips and kept in check. Doing the liner afterwards also keeps the boldness a little more muted.


Finish the look by smudging in the color one last time.


Beauty Trend Bold Lip



And there you have your summer lip! Like Shirley mentioned in the video, pink is a hot color this season, but branching out to an orange could also be fun. This is a time to experiment with your comfort zone, and see what all your summer lip can bring.


I will be dropping one more video this Friday to show you how to contour, something I personally have trouble with!


And to have your makeup done by Shirley, or to set up a makeup class, visit her at Adore Boutique in Austin. Call Shirley to book your appointment: 512-524-0208


Stylishly yours,

Jen Young

Beauty Trends: The Bronze Eye


This summer is all about the shimmer and shine! I’ve paired up with my lovely friend, Shirley Cox, from Adore Boutique to give you tips and tricks on the latest beauty trends. Here is how to create the perfect summer eye:


Beauty Trends Makeup

Brushes  // Eye Base //  Eyeshadow Kit


Begin by prepping your eye with an eye base, or concealer if you prefer. Then sweep a light color all over the eye lid. Using a cream or light pink is perfect for this step. Shirley used The Balm pallet for this application. Do this first step with a Large Shadow brush to make sure and cover the full lid area.


Next add a bronze color over the lower lid, stopping at the crease. For an added glow, sweep a small stroke of the same color underneath the eye, next to the lash line, much like where you would apply lower eye liner. For the lower liner color it is suggested to use a smudge brush.


Most importantly is the final step, adding a blend of rose pink to the outer crease of your eye. To do this use a blending brush and make back and forth movements like a windshield wiper.


Finalize the look with one last touch of your lightest color to make sure everything is blended in to perfection, and you are good to go!


Beauty Trends Makeup Application


This eye is great for going on vacation, heading out with the gals, or just zipping into the store. Even for the simplest of makeup regimes, this eye is easy to obtain and doesn’t take hours to apply.



Learn more about the latest summer trends by following the blog this week! I will be dropping two more videos showing you the secrets behind a pop of color lip and the thing I have most trouble with, contouring…


And to have your makeup done by Shirley, or to set up a makeup class, visit her at Adore Boutique in Austin. Call Shirley to book your appointment: 512-524-0208



Stylishly yours,

Jen young



Make Mother’s Day Memorable This Year

Mother's Day


Where would we be without moms? Seriously… there are not enough words in the world to describe the impact, influence, and power that mothers have on the world.


Mine especially. Cynthia Eitel, your are a gift from God and my best friend. May this coming weekend bring you utter joy as we celebrate this special holiday together.


These super heroes of the planet cook, clean, and even wipe butts; they often make daily wake up calls to the not such happy permanent house guests {hello, middle schoolers who officially think I am uncool.} Moms always remember the little things, like where you left your shoes last week. When it comes to moms, I truly believe they should be graced with love!



So this Mother’s Day, I am going to make it super easy for you to drop a loving hint to your significant other or to those grown kids in your life. Here are my top picks for all that is fabulous, and helpful, in the gift giving apartment:


Mother's Day Earrings


  1. Jewels

Diamonds don’t have to be a girl’s best friend (though I wouldn’t say no)! This Mother’s Day I’m all about the statement pieces, and these Baublebar earrings are to live for. They are perfect for dressing up or wearing with jeans and a tee.


Mother's Day Planner


  1. Planner

This one is a bit self explanatory, because even the most organized of moms can’t always remember every little thing. Planning in style is always more fun. Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade have adorable planners and notebooks to compliment every mommas wardrobe.


Mother's Day Laptop Bag


  1. Laptop Bag

Stylish and practical, isn’t that a mom’s best recipe? These bags are far too cute to pass up, and can be personalized with your initials. Not only do they fit a lap top or tablet, but there is room for all the other little things you need on a daily basis.


Mother's Day Scrub


  1. Body Polish

Ohh la la, this body polish is perfection in a bottle! Give yourself a little R and R every once-in-a-while. Let your hubby bring the kids to bed, and slip into a big ole bath. Finish with this fabulous Moroccan rub for a perfect end to the busiest of days.


Mother's Day Flowers


  1. Flowers

Nothing says “I Love You Mom” more than your favorite flowers! Mine are peonies. They brighten up a room and give a subtle reminder of how delicate life is.


Mother's Day Candy


  1. Sweet Treat

Everyone has to cheat every once-in-a-while! Keeping on the subtle side of Mother’s Day gifts, candy is a winner in my heart. This Candy Warehouse is not only amazing for future parties, but is sure to give your family the option of ordering your favorite candies!


Mother's Day Bracelet


  1. Rose Gold Bangle

Kate Spade coming in for a WIN! This subtle rose gold bangle is perfection. It is sure to become one of your go-to staple items, and with good reason. It stacks well with other mixed metal bangles, or your everyday watch. And as I’ve said before, who doesn’t love a little bling?


Mother's Day Flats


  1. Valentino Rockstuds

A shoe you need in your collection. This is one of those items you might need to buy for yourself as an all time splurge. But I can tell you right now… You won’t ever regret it! Valentino has a place in my heart (right next to my fabulous kiddos). The designs are adorable, the fit is perfection, and it’s one of those items that makes people stop and stare.


Mother's Day Box


  1. Bon Vivant Gift Box

What is this cool little find you ask? Local to Austin, these gift boxes created by Steely Dipuccio Anderson are thoughtfully curated gift boxes perfect for any momma. For the relaxer, the new mom, and even the planner, there is a box for every-mom!


Mother's Day Necklace


  1. Aromatherapy Pendant

This is not only an adorable necklace, but you can add essential oils inside to breath in the stress relief all day long! What could be better? Just think, as you sit in the carpool line, relief rolls over you. Pure bliss.



And for my lovely ladies wanting something extra special, I am offering a mini wardrobe makeover through this weekend. Purchase a Seasonal Wardrobe Nip & Tuck for your momma (or yourself) and take $100 off the original price. It’s the perfect way to pamper, and will leave you with even more confidence to take on motherhood in style! Email me before Sunday at MIDNIGHT to make this special gift a reality:

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day full of love, fun, and a fabulous little gift!



Stylishly yours,


Jen Young

Floral Silk Minidress

Minidress Full

Minidress Sitting

Minidress detail

Minidress sitting two
Minidress close up

The Dress // Heels // Bracelets (Similar here & here) // Necklaces



Ladies, if you are looking to feel elegant and not lose all form of movement {a.k.a. hemline is too short to bend over}, I have found the ideal minidress for you! This Joie ditty from Nordstrom is the perfect pick. The sheer fabric breathes well for the upcoming heated months. The cinched gathering in the middle gives this rectangular shaped gal a waist {HA}, to a flowy bottom which is perfect for a flirty and fun look.


And did you see that fabulous floral print? My friend and fellow stylist, Jackie Mewbourne, always says, “Prints are personal!” and I agree. Some florals are hard to pull off—often overpowering the person wearing them. This subtle combination of colors and pattern in this minidress is classy and sets the perfect tone for a day to night choice.

If you are looking for a dress to live in, to look and feel great, this is it!



Stylishly Yours,


Jen Young


Stellar Photos by Laura Morsman Churchill

Get Lean This Spring!

Lean For spring Jumps


To continue the saga of my work out clothing binge, and attempt to start a healthier life style, I am bringing in the big guns! Literally… my friend and fitness trainer/nutritionist, Laine Tvrdik, who has been helping me walk the walk and not just talk the talk to a lean lifestyle.


Laine has taught me quite a bit in a short amount of time. She is great at helping with meal planning.


“I like to give them quick recipes, says Laine. I also like to coach my clients that Spring is a time for their plate to have plenty of greens to alkaline their body and fruits, that provide them with vitamin/minerals and plenty of water.  Here is a favorite recipe of mine, all you have to do is add your favorite protein: chicken, pork, steak, salmon or shrimp.”


In addition to light and quick recipes for Spring, Laine has also opened my heart to a shiny new mindset. You’re hearing this right ladies… you don’t have to spend hours at the gym anymore!!


Lean For Spring Arms


Here are her top 10 tips to Spring nutrition and fitness (that you can do year round):


  1. Change your workoutsweekly, even daily. The body is very efficient and you want to keep it on it’s toes.
  2. Incorporate more Tababta, HIIT, Functional Trainingworkouts in your fitness regimen. {LINK}
  3. If you are a business professionaland travel a lot, you can still get in a QUICK 30 minute workout. Contact to receive a FREE MONTH OF ONLINE TRAINING! to hold you accountable and keep you on track.
  4. Take the stairs at work!
  5. Invest in water bottlesand keep around you all the time. (In your car, desk, gym, grocery shopping, etc) There are many different opinions on how much water we should be drinking every day. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.  Want more energy throughout the day, HYDRATE! (tea and any other drinks that contain water, is not considered your water intake.
  6. Take a daily probioticto keep the gut healthy. Did you know that all vitamin/mineral absorption takes place in your gut!
  7. Take a digestive enzymewhen eating out.
  8. STRETCH! When you are doing intense training, Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight.  Injured muscles may not be strong enough to support the joints, which can lead to joint injury.
  9. NEVER go without eating for more than 3 hours. 


Lean For Spring Weights




Contact to help you GET LEAN THIS SPRING!


And because we can’t have an entire post without a little fashion… Here are some fabulous fashion finds to compliment your new workout routine!



Stylishly yours,


Jen Young




Amanda Pulley with