Strategic Packing for International Travel

Strategic Packing Made Perfect


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Let’s address something we all likely struggle with… Strategic packing for International Travel! How many of you have loaded down four bags for a week-long trip only to arrive with nothing to wear? Even worse is when you pack just a carry on and then freeze/burn your booty off your entire trip because you were ill-prepared.

Packing can be TOUGH, this is no secret. But packing with purpose can give you peace of mind and zero stress when you are on your trip, but you must make a plan! For a few logistical packing strategies, here is a link to a blog I did several months ago.

Here are also some visual aids to make the physical aspect of packing easier: VIDEO ONE   |   VIDEO TWO

My goal for today’s post is to give you specific tips on actually WHAT TO PACK for a 7 day trip even up to a month’s worth of outfits {if you have access to a washing machine} with a few simple essentials from your wardrobe!

The inspiration for this post came from a recent client session who is taking a seven-day trip to Israel in October. My advice to her was simple, pack with sense and with items that make you already feel confident. Let me expand….

Pack with sense: I cannot stress enough how important paying attention to the weather and the culture is. Knowing the background on the places you plan to go is one of the most helpful things for not only packing right, but also feeling right in your temporary environment. Is it going to be cold? Pack a coat. Does it seem like the weather is warm or seasonably unpredictable? Still bring a light jacket or a simple sweater for layering.

Don’t overdo the shoes {even if you are a collector/addict like me} since they are your heaviest items; also avoid acting like it’s your time to wear everything in your closet. There is no shame in re-wearing outfits in a fresh way every day. This is  not only smart, but no one is going to be judging you in photos if they see a “repeater.” They will be too busy thinking how you were awesome enough to get everything in one bag without paying those overage fees. Keep in mind that there is a 50 pound weight limit even for international travel.

And when it comes to packing what makes you feel confident, do just that: Don’t leave home without your favorite jeans. On the flip side, don’t make your trip the time to “try out” that funky outfit you’ve been looking at for weeks and never actually pulled out of your closet. Packing for a trip is a time to play it safe, because that is what will help you play it smart!

Let’s talk specifics on accessories: think minimalistic. You don’t need to pack every scarf and necklace you own, but you do need to pack your accessories with intention. Wear heavier items on the plane including jackets and shoes, and if you plan to pack a hat, wear it on the plane or pack upside down in the center of your bag. Stuff with knits. Bring a pashmina wrap which can also serve as a scarf later.

With re-used basics, and pops of jewelry we were able to make this trip one of stand-out outfits and save her major room for SHOPPING while in Israel.

Feel free to print out this list of essentials we came up with and share with friends.


Here is the gallery of examples of how we mixed and matched for the perfect outcome:


In case you need some items off our Packing List to complete your look:

So as you start to get ready for your next trip, take time to make a plan, and then enjoy your time away as a result!

But if you start to fret, Contact me and we can tackle this packing thing together!


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Jen Young


Packing for Travel



Howdy Friends!

Packing for travel is a task many of us might dread. Even if it’s taking a short business trip or a long vacation with the family, packing can be stressful and a hassle.

To aid in that burden, check out Forever Styled’s packing for travel consulting HERE! We will help you hand pick your wardrobe according to your destination, weather forecast, and the events that you have scheduled so you can look fabulous every day of your trip!

And you won’t incur that dreaded overweight bag fee because we will be strategic with the items you take– giving you the flexibility to make several outfits out of a few items.

Packing Tips for Travel:

1.) Pack shoes first and place on the perimeter of your suitcase facing outwards. Stuff shoes with socks or other intimates to save space.

2.) Ziplock all liquids in several small bags to prevent spillage in your suitcase. This also makes packing easier instead of taking one large bag full of your makeup bag essentials.

3.) Sushi roll larger intimates, t-shirts, and other cotton items. Place on top of and in between shoes to create a solid base.

4.) Fold collard shirts and place on top of rolled cottons. Layer them with tissue to prevent wrinkling. Sometimes I re-purpose dry cleaner bags as well.

5.) Wrap belts around the outside of the shoes instead of curled up in a ball.

6.) Pants, dresses and skirts can be flat folded opposite each other and then tucked in like a present. Check out this amazing video here for more visual instruction:

Once you learn how to pack correctly, you will have a valuable life skill. Hope your upcoming trip is filled with peace and happiness.

What other tips do you have? We’d love to hear.

Stylishly Yours,

Jen Young