Goal Setting for the New Year

Cheers to a New Year, Fabulous YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to put 2016 behind me and turn over a new leaf in 2017!

Over the holidays, I celebrated new beginnings, laughed {a LOT as I got my butt killed in ping pong by my kids numerous times}, spent time with my family and also reflected on what I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

Setting goals is one of my favorite things to do in early January because it holds me accountable to achieve my desired outcomes…

Here are some thoughts as you decide where to place your energies in 2017:

1.} Write down your goals AND post them in a place where you see them every day–like your bathroom mirror or dream board. This the first step to achieving success. There is something that happens in your brain when you put pen to paper that subconsciously forces you to stay your course!

I use a simple analog system called the bullet journal for scheduling, tracking daily and long-term goals, and taking notes during client and personal meetings.

Here is the actual template I use for writing down both personal and professional goals c/o pageflutter.com. Keep it simple…choose three personal and three professional. List specific action items under each goal and the purpose. This helps you formulate the “why” associated with your goal.

2.} Next, having accountability with a business coach or close friend is also crucial to accomplishing your goals. When you have someone regularly checking in on your progress –you are more likely to keep your priorities in check.

So today, my beautiful readers, you get to read my list so I have no choice but to get my rear in gear.

3.} In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt – “Do something that scares you every day!” Take risks that make your heart flutter every day that require God-Sized help to accomplish.

4.} Think Big. Dream Big. You deserve it. According to Jim Collins and Jerry Porras’s book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, we should set B.H.A.G. {Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goals.} backed with bite-sized steps to achieve your goals coupled with accountability .

5.} Set aside time for yourself too.  Prioritizing self care is key to long lasting health and also maintaining balance and achieving all you want in life. Meditate, pray and exercise – even if adding one day a week is a new thing for you! Thank you Nike, “JUST DO IT!”

6.} Schedule time to be silly and have fun. Since I am generally a serious person, I actually made this one of my personal goals for this year. Laugh with friends, see a great movie and/or do whatever makes you giggle. Like pee in your pants laughter, people. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul as we maneuver through the challenges of life.

5.} Give of yourself margin in your schedule to accommodate for the unexpected. You never know when someone might need to chat or your help. If you schedule every moment without enough flexibility in your day, you may miss out on some of life’s greatest gifts.

I hope this post inspires you to dare greatly and achieve more than you could ever imagine on your own. Ephesians 3:20 inspires me as I lean into this next chapter: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us!”

Blessings and Style Peace,

Jen Young