Beauty Trends: Contouring

We have one final look for our Beauty Trend series by Shirley from Adore Boutique, and it’s all about the contouring. If you are anything like me this is one your struggle with. Where do you put it? How do I move the brush? Why do I turn out looking like a bronzed clown 9 times out of 10??

Fear no more my lovely ladies, our make up guru Shirley is here to help you feel better about the whole thing!

Contouring Make Up


First things first, where does contouring go? Shirley so kindly explains in the video above the markers. Look at your head where your ear meets your head and your lip is. Grab a piece of paper or use your brush to show yourself the line from point A to B. It is good to note that this isn’t meant to be a full line you mark in with contouring powder, but instead your guideline for the contouring!

Take powder on just half of your contouring brush. From where the eye ends swoop up into the hairline and blend near your cheek to reduce harsh lines.

Finish the look with a sweep over your temples and a pass under your neck.


Contouring Tip


And that my friends is the way to contour without driving yourself crazy! This is the easiest application I personally have ever seen, and as we all know contouring really does finish a look. This is one of those things you can do when rushing out the door to make yourself feel put together. It is perfect for the busy mom, working lady, and every fashionista I know!

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Stylishly yours,

Jen Young