Trends At Any Age: Tie Dye

AT EVERY AGE TIE DYEHey Sophisticated Ladies!

Sometimes understanding how to incorporate runway trends into your everyday lifestyle is a bit tricky. This new blog series, “Trends at Every Age,” will help you understand how to add a pop of something voguish into your wardrobe that is age appropriate yet super stylish. This month’s trend is tie dye, and as you can see, be it a fun accessory or printed dress/top, this fun pattern can be easily translated into your everyday style!

We’d love to know how you incorporated this trend into your wardrobe. Tell us about your ensemble in the comments section.

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30s: Shirt // Pants // Necklace  // Purse // Shoes

40s: Shirt // Skirt // Scarf // Shoes // Clutch

50s: Blazer // Dress // Shoes // Purse // Necklace // Bracelet

60s: Shirt // Pants // Earrings // Shoes // Purse

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cheers to a stylish you!

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What to Wear for ACL

Picking fashionable clothes for the ACL music festival that are also comfortable can be a challenge. Recently, I was interviewed by to answer some questions on how to look good, feel comfortable, and get the most out of Austin’s biggest music festival.

Click here to read the whole interview.

Jen young

Austin Fashion Week 2015 Mash Up Teams Unite!

Austin’s annual fashion week 2015 is nearly here {occurring the week of April 10-18th, 2015}!  A unique extension of the events is the annual Fashion X Austin Mash Up Team Competition.

This last week has been incredibly energizing preparing to enter this collaborative challenge as our creative style team effortlessly captured a memorable image for submittal.

Our Incredible Fashion X-Mash Up: Team Revival

The really cool part of the story is that this host of ridiculously gifted ladies entered this project having never met one another. It slays me that our vision came together literally through a series of emails and inspiring Pinterest posts over the last two months.

Team Revival

Team Revival


Bryttannee Eaton and yours truly primp model, Jennifer Johnston

Many thanks to Bryttannee Eaton {of Bryttannee Eaton Beauty and Forever Styled Brand Collaborator} who served as our fearless team leader and makeup artist. Ashley Christian provided key insights from Nordstrom of Austin as we pulled clothes to set the stage for our photography love fest. Thank you to Revival of Austin for providing such an amazing place to shoot !

Succulent image by Laura Morsman

Succulent image by Laura Morsman

Joining forces with the stunning, Laura Morsman {Laura Morsman Photography} was the smartest choice we could have made to capture our kodak moment. Kellie Campos {Rock Gorgeous Hair} jetted in from the Cayman Islands to offer her amazing hair fairy services. She even made the Garden of Eden inspired orchid laced head-dress with her own crafty hands.

Jennifer is having a little too much fun striking a pose!

Jennifer is having a little too much fun striking a pose!

Of course, a picture cannot speak unless the model behind the clothes confidently brings her game. Jennifer Johnston graced us with self-guided professionalism and grace throughout our two hour shoot. She has no personality at all {wink}.

How to possibly narrow things down?

Laura took over 700 photos in less than two hours and managed to narrow the images to her Top 9–literally the afternoon of our due date. After casting our own votes as a team over the course of a few hours—THE WINNER EMERGED:

Our Fashion X "Mash Up Team Revival" submission

Our Fashion X “Mash Up Team Revival” submission

Outfit Details: c/o NordstromGladiator Sandal {Steve Madden} // Floral Shorts {Glamorous} // Kimono {Mimi Chica} // T-back Bra {Free People} // Lacy Top {Free People} // Chloe and Isabel Necklace

Style Peace,

Jen and the fierce Team Revival

Why hire a wardrobe consultant?

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Forever Styled blog/community which suggests you might have an interest in hiring a wardrobe consultant or perhaps you are simply enamored with the fashion industry!

We are going to embark upon an insightful new journey together including conversations about style trends, tricks for dressing appropriately for your body type and age {for both men and women}, the closet overhaul experience and testimonials, new outfit ideas, exploring the “less is more” dressing philosophy and a myriad of other fashion-centric topics.

So let’s begin the conversation by asking an important question:

Why in the heck would anyone who isn’t a celebrity or those without disposable incomes hire a wardrobe consultant?

Conquering the art of making a fabulous first impression is “king” in my world–easily accomplished with a defined and confident sense of self and style. No matter if you are a stay at home parent, a working professional, an entertainer or athlete, rich or poor, male or female, defining one’s personal brand is equally important across all lifestyles and budgets.

The Forever Styled process begins with asking the powerful question: “What do I want to say to the world with my overall image and non-verbals?” We will take time to develop your personal response to this question with an awareness and sensitivity of how you spend your time and money on any given day. Arguably, once you invest in a Forever Styled service,  you will save time AND money by adopting more efficiency in your daily dressing routines.

So move over Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds–securing style confidence is available to the masses. Read more

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