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Closet Clean Out – Purging and Sorting

      Sometimes practicing what you preach is one of the hardest things to do. Day after day I help women and men get a fresh start with their wardrobes–cleaning their closets, purging and sorting, filling the gaps, and transforming their image. It seems I also try hard to avoid doing the same for […]

Lessons From 2017

  I am not going to lie to you…I am really happy 2017 is in my rear view window.   You know—some years are better than others, but this last one I grew like a beanstalk, facing both the challenges of single motherhood and learning what it means to stand firm on my own two […]

Outfit Inspiration – New Years Eve

  DRESS (Alternative Option)  |  CLUTCH  |  SHOES EARRINGS  |  DRESS (Alternative Option)  |  CLUTCH  |  SHOES CLUTCH  |  EARRINGS  |  SHOES EARRINGS  |  DRESS (Alternative Option)  |  CLUTCH  |  SHOES DRESS (Alternative Option)  |  EARRINGS  |  CLUTCH  |  SHOES   New Years Eve is just around the corner and, with tons of deliberation, I’m […]

Holiday Highlight – Haute Exchange

  It’s holiday highlight time again for my favorite stores in the greater Austin area and this one goes out to my lovely friend, Natalie Thorp, Owner of Haute Exchange. Not only do I love shopping her consignment finds, it is a reliable resource for me and my clients.   Consignment is a thoughtful way […]

The Gift That Saves Time & Money

We are only two weeks away from Christmas which means sheer panic has set in. HA! If you are anything like me, there is not ONE gift under the tree to date, nor do you even have an idea of what you need to purchase.   Hopefully, you saw in my blog last week how […]

Holiday Highlight: Raven and Lily

  The holidays are indeed upon us… And getting back to my original plan this month, I am honored to feature amazing businesses in the coming weeks that deserve high praise for not only the “beauties” they sell but also to celebrate the mission behind their brand.   This Christmas has taken on a whole […]

Skip The Crazy This Black Friday

NATIONAL         LOCAL       Now, don’t let the title fool you, I know good and well most of us are doing some kind of shopping this Black Friday. However, I am trying to make it as easy and quick as possible so you can get back to laying on the couch […]

Holiday Outfitting Done Fashionably Festive


Just Saying Thanks This Holiday Season…

It’s 11:23 pm, and I am just siting down to draft this post after a crazy-pants day. You know the ones—when you pile laundry upon work upon dinner upon kid duties upon bills and so on… It is the holiday season after all! But somehow I have tremendous energy and passion left to share how […]